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TMJ Jaw Pain and Where It Comes From

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) plays a vital role in opening and closing of the mouth, as well as other functions. There is no form of jaw pain that is pleasant to live with and anyone experiencing the pain would want it addressed as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing any form of jaw pain, be sure to seek TMJ treatment in Houston.

What is TMJ jaw pain?

The TMJ is located anterior to the ears and allows the jaw freedom of movement. The movement makes functions of the mouth such as chewing, yawning and speaking possible. The joint functions like a sliding hinge, allowing to and fro movement of the mouth. TMJ treatment in Houston can help maintain the functions of the jaw and improve the quality of life of the sufferer.

tmj jaw pain

Jaw Pain and Other Symptoms of Jaw Disorder that Require Tmj Treatment

You do not have to endure jaw pain for long. It is important you seek TMJ Treatment in Houston as soon as you start feeling any of the following symptoms, as compiled by the New York Times.

  • A clicking noise when the mouth is opened and closed
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Headaches, earaches and neck aches
  • Frequent jaw locking
  • Dull facial pain
  • Pain in the jaw

Do not try to tolerate the jaw pain for too long, there could be undesired consequences and damage to the teeth and the jaw joint. Consult with TMJ specialist in your area such as Dr. Moradi with Dental Wellness Group.

Severe TMJ Jaw

Note if the pain increases, nighttime grinding doesn’t stop, it might lead to bone and tooth loss. Severe TMJ could affect majorly the joint areas of the body, also the muscles that are adjacent which will make TMJ treatment flexible in terms of individuals condition.

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