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Can A Houston TMJ Dentist Relieve Jaw Pain?

The month of May was the National TMJ Awareness Month and much awareness has been created about the available options if you have been feeling pain in your jaw. Foremost on the list of options is seeing a TMJ Dentist in Houston. Home treatments that provide relief are also available.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the anatomical nomenclature for the Jaw Joint. The joint is responsible for opening and closing of the mouth. Located at the skull’s base, anterior to the ear, the joint connects the upper and lower jaw. The TMJ moves the mandible up and down, acting like a door hinge to open and close the mouth. It also gives the lower jaw freedom to move forward and backward, as well as side to side.

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Signs That Something’s Not Quite Right With Jaw Joint and It Is Time To Call TMJ Specialist

Although TMJ Dentists need to perform an examination before a diagnosis of TMJ disorder can be confirmed, some warning signs should cue you to fix an appointment with a TMJ Dentist in Houston. If u hear a clicking sound when you open or close your mouth, a TMJ disorder should be suspected. Your jaw locking in place is another warning sign of a TMJ disorder. Feeling pain in your jaws while chewing or yawning or a feeling of tenderness in your jaw muscles is are also signs you shouldn’t dismiss with a shrug. A jaw issue may also precipitate misalignment of the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Migraines, earaches or pressure emanating from behind the eyes are also symptoms that can be caused by a TMJ disorder although they are not exclusively associated with a TMJ disorder. Remember to promptly contact your TMJ Dentist in Houston if you feel any of these symptoms.


Here are a few points you may need to write down to discuss with the TMJ Dentist in Houston.

  • When did you start experiencing the symptoms?
  • Will that be the first time you will be experiencing such or are have u had a similar experience previously?
  • Have you recently signed up for any task or job that could increase your stress levels?
  • Do you experience recurring headaches, toothaches or neck aches?
  • What supplements and medications do you take?


It is better to prepare in advance to talk about your symptoms and jaw pain history.

Seek a Professional TMJ Help

The ratio of TMJ Dentists to affected people in the United States is grossly unbalanced. If you are feeling any of the symptoms stated earlier and your family dentist is unable to help you, a dentist that specializes in musculoskeletal disorders should be your next point of call.

Dr. Afsaneh Moradi at Dental wellness Group is a local Houston TX TMJ dentist. She is part of the 350 doctors worldwide that have finished full advance training from Pankey Institute.

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